Nikah Services

We offer Nikah in person & Nikah online via video conferencing, we can your conduct Nikah anytime nationwide and internationally.
  • Simple Nikah
  • Nikah Event
  • Online Nikah
  • Talaq/Khula

    The right of divorce is given to the husband, unless stated otherwise in the Marriage [nikah] contract. After all other negotiation attempts have been tried unsuccessfully, Talaq is to be a last resort. We cater for Talaq/Khula cases under our qualified team of Muftis.

    Pre-Marriage courses

    This service is for those who have decided to complete half of their religion in marriage. This is a free service for Libaans members and it usually takes place before the Nikah Ceremony. We will also provide a Marriage course certificate at the end of the process.


    We know how important it is for Muslims to have an Islamic perspective in counselling hence why we offer a holistic approach to your wellbeing, which includes looking at ones faith, culture as well as family dynamics. We offer Islamic consultation service, you may ask Fatwas to our Imams.