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Kentish Town Baitul Aman Masjid (KTBAM) have created a matchmaking service to help our Muslim Brothers & Sisters complete half their deen – Marriage (Nikah). This service is not only open to those that are marrying first time but also those that are divorced or widowed. Currently, we have a growing database that holds marriage profiles of Muslim Brothers & Sisters regardless of their background and origin – providing they are a Muslim by faith.
If you are looking for a marriage partner or know of anyone who is or if you are a parent looking on behalf of your son/daughter please fill in the online form.
The sole purpose of this service is to introduce suitable Muslim marriage partners. We go through each application and try to find a match.
All your details will be kept confidential and will be looked at individually. As soon as a match is found we will contact you via the contact number or email provided, to initiate a meeting in a safe environment.


Kentish Town Baitul Aman Masjid (KTBAM) offer Islamic Nikah certificates for those who wish to get married under Islamic law. Nikah will only be conducted after procedures are correctly followed. This includes completing the necessary forms, which can be both collected at the Masjid office or submitted via email.
There is a charge of who wishing to perform an Islamic marriage contract at the Masjid. This is payable during submitting Form.

  • Nationwide Availability
  • English Speaking Imams
  • Islamic Guidance
  • Reliable & Trustworthy
  • Simple & stress free booking Process

What Makes us Different...

  • We have a diverse range of trustworthy, and reliable faith-based Imams who have a passion to deliver a Unique Nikah ceremony for your specific needs.
  • We have competent Imams who are British, very educated and well versed in Islamic education and secular studies in the English languages along with Arabic, and Urdu.
  • Our essential approach is to ensure that your marriage takes place according to our Islamic values & traditions. That is why we’re going to adhere closely to the Sunnah and leave society out.


Nikah Services

We offer Nikah in person & Nikah online via video conferencing, we can your conduct Nikah anytime nationwide and internationally.
  • Simple Nikah
  • Nikah Event
  • Online Nikah
  • Talaq/Khula

    The right of divorce is given to the husband, unless stated otherwise in the Marriage [nikah] contract. After all other negotiation attempts have been tried unsuccessfully, Talaq is to be a last resort. We cater for Talaq/Khula cases under our qualified team of Muftis.

    Pre-Marriage courses

    This service is for those who have decided to complete half of their religion in marriage. This is a free service for Libaans members and it usually takes place before the Nikah Ceremony. We will also provide a Marriage course certificate at the end of the process.


    We know how important it is for Muslims to have an Islamic perspective in counselling hence why we offer a holistic approach to your wellbeing, which includes looking at ones faith, culture as well as family dynamics. We offer Islamic consultation service, you may ask Fatwas to our Imams.